Sunday, October 17, 2010

suppose to..

+sunday, its suppose to be a restful(check), and cheerful(uncheck) day.

+spending time with family, and friends perhap..

+tapi rasa macam bosan ja..haish, hate it..

+oh ya, lagi 2 mggu ja bljar, then final dah..

+dan aq masih terkial2 , menyiapkan 5 final project..ok, GO!!!

p/s sorry, i never meant to, but i have to..thanks for the memories..:-)

dan ianya tinggal memori..

-Hmmm..dah x da rejeki, what can i say.
-after 1 tahun 2 bulan aq pki hp ni
-lastly kena curi dgn pick pocket dkt KL central..:(
-dah lah orang bagi hadiah birthday..:-(
-tu lah kau, beria sngt nak beli hp baru, kan dah mendapat.
-miss you syg, sometime terngiang2 di telinga bunyi sms masuk.
-tq kerana sudi berkhidmat utk aq..:)

Friday, October 1, 2010

and the weekend start..

Good is friday n class is canceled(again), my lecturer go to KL to attend a seminar ape kebende..

i think it was 8.20am and feel like someone shaking my leg..

oh, its my room mate, ask me to send him to college, and i go to bathroom and gosok2 apa2 yang patut+cuci2 muka..

and here we go..kptm kci..haha..after that go to dobi to pick up my laundry.

and sampai rumah, online2 for awhile..

and suddenly my phone ringing, its Kyna..ask me for breakfast and i was like, OK!

ride my bike to pick her up @ taman cempaka..

and we have our breakie @ kfc ipoh garden ( gigih ulang alik kan???) 

and we having conversation and such..

and she need some advice for her relation segala..(love matter..urgh!!)

and i was like, bagi apa yang aq mampu lah kan(advises)

around 11.45, kami balik and i send her to my neighbor house - member kolej jgak lah!

thinking to send her back to taman cempaka sebelum solat jumaat nantik. bolrh solat jumaat dkt sana skali..
lama x ke masjid taman cempaka nun..selalu just masjid greentown near hospital ipoh.

and after Jumaat, apa plan ek?